Can Vegans Use Our Product?

I received an enquiry yesterday from a lady who loved the socially responsible approach we have in our business. She wanted to know if our products were appropriate for vegans.

You see she wanted to buy a small gift for a vegan client and was hoping our lip balms would be the perfect thing.

We had a great discussion and clarified a few points around the topic.

According to most vegans, using any animal product is a no-no. End of

discussion. As we use ethically sustained, organic Beeswax that would mean they won’t be able to use our lip balms.

Animal welfare is one of the most common motivating reasons why people become Vegan, but there are many vegans who make decisions on what products they will use that fit in the grey area of veganism.

For example, products that don’t test on animals. Or products that source ingredients that don’t destroy the flora and fauna of the world (ie using sustainable ingredients). These kinds of products are generally looked upon in a positive light.

It’s these ‘grey area’ vegans who are happy to use organic animal by-products that are sustainably and ethically sourced without any animal cruelty or harm. For example; like eggs from backyard free range chickens who are going to lay no matter what!

Because we source our organic Beeswax from suppliers that don’t harm the bees or their hive during the removal of said wax, some vegans are more than happy to enjoy our products. Read more about our ethically obtained, Organic Beeswax here.

What to consider?

If you need to decide if our lip balms are a good fit for you or a friend, ask yourself is it important that you buy from and support:

  • Australian owned and run small family businesses

  • Businesses that invest back into the environment (like planting a tree after each sale)

  • People that don’t use any chemicals in the production of their products

  • Companies that use recyclable packaging

  • Businesses that NEVER test on animals

If the answer is yes to all of the above – then YAY we are a great fit for you ? Check out our products here.

So to go back to the original question – can vegans use our product?

Well simply put – yes they can if they wish to.

It’s definitely a personal choice for vegans who feel torn about using or buying products that have an “animal” by-product element – but safe to say, as a mum of 5 young little people, I pride myself on creating a product that may not technically be 100% vegan, but it’s a nice ethical little business that provides a great product for my customers who are conscious of what they buy and the impact on the world.

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